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Tax Report look-up tool


We know the availability of Tax Reports is a hot topic for you and your clients at the end of the financial year.

Use our Tax Report look-up tool to:

  • create a list of your clients who will receive a Tax Report
  • find the expected delivery for a client's Tax Report
  • see if a client's Tax Report is available (and if so, when it became available and who it was sent to)
  • view the percentage of your clients' Tax Reports available
  • export Tax Report availability information into excel.

Please note: The expected delivery for each client is a guide only and subject to change. It's based on dates we expect to receive information from fund managers and share registries (as per their advice) and our anticipated Tax Report release tranche dates. It doesn't take into account data quality issues or any other factors unknown at this time which could delay a client's Tax Report.

If you're unable to login to the look-up tool, you don't have any clients who will receive a Tax Report.

Login here:

To login, enter your adviser number (eg 1234567BA01) and your AdviserNET/AdviserNETgain username.